Timber Bridge Replacement

Queensland, Australia



Scenic Rim Regional Council

Main Contractor:


Queensland Bridge and Civil

Foundation Contractor:


Bauer Foundations Australia

Scope of work:


32 no. 900mm diameter permanently lined bored cast-in-place piles

31 no. 1200mm diameter permanently lined bored cast-in-place piles

Construction Period:


November 2018 to February 2019


As part of a Queensland and federal government initiative, time worn and low load limited timber bridges are being replaced with concrete composite bridge structures to open up parts of inland Queensland for transportation and reduce the yearly maintenance costs associated with their continued upkeep.


In November 2018 Bauer Foundations Australia was awarded the contract to install the foundation piles for the replacement of five existing timber bridges. Bauer mobilized 2 x BG30 rigs two weeks after the contract was awarded.


The rock strength in the region varies from low strength to very high strength. The site consists of a shallow depth of backfill materials, mainly the existing roads surface and base underlain by natural alluvial deposits. As the geology of the area was formed through volcanic activity, the bedrock strength varies due to the way it was deposited. The rock has an unconfined compressive strength ranging from 25MPa to 250MPa, generally increasing with depth.